Thursday, July 21, 2011

CHA Pictures!

Good morning! Only a moment to post because we are trying to get over to the show EARLY enough to finally shoot some video of the templates!

I'll share some pics and tell you about the show later, because there is SO MUCH cool stuff! Like the Bagpipe parade that literally paraded through the show aisles to open up the first day. Yes, a bagpipe parade, drums, kilts and all. And yes, I do have proof.

Ok, so  quick pics!
Our booth!

Close-up of the Make N Take area

Me with my signs :)

And the best for last, All 19 templates, three books, bow stapler, refills and 3 of the 4 retail boxes :)

With any luck I'll have that video later!!
Have a fantastic day!
Karyn :)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The BRAND NEW Ultimate kits are available for PRE-ORDER on the website at a highly discounted rate. Details are in the listing - please read before ordering. This is an awesome deal and I am excited to offer it to you as a "CHA Show Special" !

Other than that we are tired and running on adrenaline! I have so much to share, but am too tired to type.

Karyn :)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Good Morning!

The alarm went off way to early.
That's all I have to say at this hour. :)

Oh and it is so humid in the room that I woke up with my hair curly - If I had known this, it would have saved considerable time getting ready. Posting contest details on the Facebook page!

Have a fantastic day!!


Sunday, July 17, 2011

CHA we're on our way!!

And we’re off!

We have hit the road to the CHA! Finally! Yep that’s the Craft and Hobby Association Trade Show in Rosemont, Illinois. We have been preparing for the past several years to – ok that’s not technically true – really we’ve been dreaming of going, but in reality we started preparations only a few months ago, then I raced around the past two weeks like I was preparing for a graphic design final exam project that I procrastinated on.

But I digress. We are actually driving!

Or sitting on the expressway for a traffic holdup. But that’s ok because we got to meet Joel in the vehicle next to us. Joel was nice enough to let me take his picture for my CHA journal, incidentally his extremely cool car made it into the photo as well.

After I finished eating lunch, in the car, I decided to let Joel know where I would be posting his cool photo and ran a business card back to him. (Yes I got out of the car on the expressway and ran back to him - quite a rush) By now he was only three cars behind us. By the way, he decorated the car himself over the past two years.

Traffic cleared up reasonably quickly for a Sunday at noon and we kept moving. We got a late start, well one, because I am a chronically late person, two – severe sleep deprivation (see paragraph 1) and three – since I was too tired to take my phone all the way across the room to my purse (this morning at 5am) I thought I would be smart and put it where I was sure not to forget it – in my sewing bag. Anyone who knows me knows I am rarely without my sewing bag and glue gun. So the sewing bag got packed in the car without remembering the phone was there and we spent many fruitless minutes searching for the already packed phone. The glue gun would qualify as number 4 since I left it at school Friday while demonstrating the new templates to my daughter’s teacher. We were able to swing by their house and rescue the missing glue gun before we met Joel and his ocean car on the expressway.

Just a note for anyone who was waiting for an order to ship – we are completely caught up as of 12:10pm today.

I will keep you all updated as well as post some videos of our booth and demonstrations of the BRAND NEW TEMPLATES. If you have seen other posts of mine you may have figured out that the new templates include new sizes of Classics and Surrounds but not the Twisted Templates. WHAT? OH no! Why you ask?

Because we have something better.

Much, much cooler.

I am very proud and excited to introduce to you the
Brilliant Bowmaker Snap Templates!

And although they make a twisted boutique bow, in more ways than one, AND they hold your angles just like the Twisted Templates, you can, if you choose, use the templates in a way to get your loops perfectly even as well. No measuring required.

Ok, so you can get your angles perfect and your loops even… how about if I told you that you could tie and crease the bow right on the template as well? Yes, I am telling you just that.

But wait… there’s more!

Let’s throw in a few ribbon sculptures as well, like flowers, snowflakes and butterflies. Made right on the template!

What if I said these templates do the dishes, take out the trash and make coffee in the morning too? Ok, well no, they actually won’t do that, but they might make you SO happy you don’t mind the kitchen chores or making coffee. You might get the housework done in ½ the time though, just so you can make bows with your new templates. So it’s really a win/win.

For a beginner, the Snap templates let you choose your method of completing each step of the bow making process. You can start with the Wrap N SnapTM fold to get you running right out of the gate. For the experienced high volume bow makers, this is the extra hand you always needed! Freehand fold while snapping the ribbon into the guide slots to hold them in place. Then stitch and crease or tie right on the template!

Now for you diehard Twisted Template fans don’t worry! They are still available, as well as replacements for the ones you lose while doing kitchen chores, or like the one poor girl whose daughter fed her templates to the dog. Mmmm, apparently the templates are fun chew toys too! Just don’t try to make a bow after the dog has played with them.

Now that I‘ve teased you with all these delicious tidbits of information, I leave you with one last thought.

Five lucky crafters will WIN the NEW Ultimate Kit that includes 8 Classic Templates, 5 Surround Templates, 5 Snap templates and the Brilliant Bowmaker Size Guide, 3 Spiral bound books, long reach bow stapler and refill pack.

This is not available for sale yet!

This contest will take place on FACEBOOK only! Please like our page so you can receive updates. One winner will be chosen each evening this week Monday through Friday. You can enter every day, once per day. Details of the contest will be posted this evening. All the prizes will ship at the same time on Saturday.

Well thanks for reading! It has been so hard to keep all this fun stuff under wraps for the past few months. You’ll get to see pictures and videos throughout the week. So watch for our updates from the CHA every evening. And if you happen to pass Joel and the ocean car, give him a wave for me!

Karyn :)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Panda Instructions winner!

Congratulations Stitch 'N Love! You have won a coopy of the instructions for these adorable pandas! Please let me know the address you would like them sent to either here or on the contact form from the website.

Watch for another giveaway soon!

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Here is our newest set of instructions! This adorable ribbon Panda! Not only one way to make it, but two! Depending on your level of craftiness there are different ways to accomplish each of the different parts, both with a woodburning tool and without.

A free copy of these instructions will go to a lucky winner. Just post a comment on Facebook or Twitter about your favorite Little Pink Ladybug Product with a link to the website, You must post back here on the blog to be counted as an entry! Let us know where you posted. This is where the entries will be gathered from! Drawing will take place on Sunday June 5th at 5pm.

Good Luck!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

We have a winner!

Congratulations Oanh B! Please send me the address you would like the Headband instructions emailed to!

The Instructions are up here!

And on sale! These are FABULOUS instructions with SO many variations. I love adding beads and sparkles to the weave as well :)

Have fun!!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Want to win something free?

Want to win a set of those headband instructions? Pretty pretty headbands!!!

Just tweet or post a link on facebook to my blog, etsy site or main website. One entry per tweet or fb post. No auto entries - keep it real!

Then come back here and leave a comment telling me where you shared! Don't forget to comment - I will count up the entries from the blog.

Good luck! :)

So we're still waiting on those headbands

Did I mention time flies? Oh yes.

So although I said the new instructions would be ready on Monday, and they are sooo sooo close, they ended up being more involved than I anticipated. Or rather, there is enough there to sell as a headband tutorial, but it just wasn't enough, so I've made it more involved and let me say it is one kick a$$ set of instructions. Not only do you get the basic weave pattern, but it includes full color photos and even full instructions for several of the different weaving patterns and multiple numbers of strands. Some of the patterns include the basic 4 color weave, basic 5 color weave, long stripes, short stripes, stripe patterns (one of my favorites) stripe shapes (my daughter's favorite), checkerboard, dashed weave and dimensional weave. And even two little bonus sections that I'll surprise you with. There are hundreds of combinations. And they are so much fun!

So I will work my fingers off tomorrow morning to get these up and ready. But for now, you'll have to settle for a picture of just a few. :)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Basket Weave Headband Instructions

Brand new Basket Weave Headband Instructions should be ready on Monday! I've been making them for a while but I haven't seen any other headbands made like this so I'm excited to share! There are SO many variations I just love making them! I know you will too, so keep an eye on the website, because if I finish earlier...I will post them!

Time just flies by and I got delayed a bit with these instructions because of sick kids, school commitments and volunteering (mostly at school). I just finished up a faux stained glass set of vases with the third grade class as our auction donation. Also several large local orders have occupied me. But I have a free afternoon so I will be writing away!

Also new combinations of ebooks perfect for vacation at the beach, aquarium or cruise! Beach Combo Pack including the Seashell, Seahorse and Goldfish are available bundled at a discount!

Hope everyone is having a great day!

Karyn :)