Sunday, April 13, 2008

Groups, ebooks and cheerleaders, oh my!

Laurie here again!

As Karyn already posted, her ebooks are now available for pre-order, on the website. Karyn also started a Yahoo group for those of you who buy the ebook, in case of any questions, and also so you can show us your versions of Karyns bows! I'm excited to see everyones creations.

How ADORABLE are these 5 year old superstars?!

Karyn made each of the cheerleaders 2 bows to wear for their competition, 30 bows total. Each bow was almost 7" across. I'd say these bows complement those cuties perfectly. (Now, if I could just figure how to get curls like that in *my* hair...)

Pre-orders Accepted!

The Book is available for pre-orders! They will mail out in PDF format starting Tuesday the 15th. Have fun!

Karyn :)

Instruction Books are on the way!

Karyn here, and I'm very excited to say the instruction books are only a few days away! Final proofreading is being done, by someone other than me! And the individuals who have tested the designs have been very happy with the results! Thank you to all who helped me out :)

Pre-orders will start sometime on Sunday the 13th and books will start being mailed on Tuesday the 15th. Watch the website! in case you forgot.

Once the book is done, the next week will be spent catching up on wholesale orders and a few retail orders still out there. Then on to the next book and some exciting gadgets that everyone will want to try! And they make great gifts.

So I'm off for now, and Laurie has more fun details and pictures to share.

Karyn :)

Saturday, March 29, 2008

What's Going On?

Karyn will be at the Louisville Mothers of Twins Club consignment sale on March 29th, if anyone is planning on being there! Stop by and say hi, and go buy an outfit (or 20) and then match up to some great bows!

There are some new sculpture bows coming out - first up is hair for the ballerina and some fun little Ice cream sundae clippies too. These are really different because for the first time - they involve paint!! So the chocolate syrup looks really authentic! Just don't go eating the bows... :o)

The website may be shut down for a little bit in April so Karyn can catch up on her wholesale orders and also finish the ebook that she'll be selling soon. She's aiming for a mid-April release for that, so keep your eyes open!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hello bow lovers!

I have been instructed by Karyn to introduce myself, so here goes. I'm Laurie, Karyn's bow-addicted photo editor and now blog helper. :) What do I do for Karyn? Well, since I live nowhere near her, I do what I do well--I edit her bow pictures. Not that they need much, but she can use all the spare time I can give her, so I do what I can!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Welcome welcome!

Welcome to the Little Pink Ladybug blog, where you'll be able to find out just what that crazy bow machine Karyn is up to and more!